Which is best compression software?

Compression of files into an archived file is a very common activity in our day to day office life particularly for easy transfer of the files over local network or even for copying in flash drives and so on. Sometimes when a complete web page is downloaded apart from one html file, it also contains few CSS files thrown in with couple of JavaScript files and lots of image files. I have personally saved web pages containing as high as 200+ files. Copying such documents takes lot of time. There are numerous compression softwares available along with numerous archiving format utilizing different algorithm, safety features and other features. Perhaps the most common compression archive is ‘zip’ but of late some other formats such as ‘rar’ & ‘7z’ has also caught on well. In world of Mac ‘sit’ isª perhaps the most common format. The world of linux also uses a multitude of formats the most common ones are “bz2″’, ‘gz’ & ‘tar’.

As Microsoft Windows is the most dominant OS in the world (and I also have the access to same), I have carried out some tests to determine which may be best compression software.

Disclaimer: The results presented in this post are purely based on my limited research and in no way is extensive or binding. Readers are suggested to evaluate the softwares by themselves and then decide what is suitable to them. These results are my observations and your results for same/similar test may vary. I cannot be hold responsible for any consequence due to these results.

Well lets see what I have done:

Test Rig: Intel C2D E7200 Processor, with 2 GB 800MHz DDR2 RAM & Seagate Barracuda 320 GB SATA HDD. I also run Avast Home Edition with Panda Cloud Anti-virus & MalwareBytes Anti-Malware & Online Armor Free Edition on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit Edition..

What is compressed: The set consisted of a large number of ‘txt’ and ‘html’ files also quite a few number of ‘mov’ files. Other files in the bunch were ‘doc’, ‘docx’, ‘odt’, ‘pptx’, jpg’, ‘png’, ‘psd’ and ‘log’ with few more. The total number of files were 312 spread over 16 directories/folder.  Total Size of the files 269 MB.

Other Conditions: The compression was done 3 times in each format  using each software and compression settings was set to Ultra/Highest/Maximum. The priority of the process was left at normal in each test. The time required for compression, and maximum memory requirements were averaged.

Softwares tested: The following Software were tested:

Results: Now coming to result comparison, the results are put in a tabular format for quick Viewing

Software Software Size Compression Format Archive Size Time reqd RAM usage Other Features
Winzip 13.8 MB zipx 170 MB 202 sec 178 MB
  • Option to repair corrupt archive
  • Beautiful but complicated  Interface
  • Tons of additional features like backup, FTP upload
  • Creating a self extracting archive is 2 step process
  • Costs $ 29.95
zip 212 MB 38 sec 10 MB
7-Zip 0.9 MB 7z 161 MB 121 sec 152 MB
  • Simple but efficient interface
  • GPL license, Freeware
  • Can handle large number of archive format
  • Self Extracting Archive is created in a single step
zip 209 MB 164 sec 29 MB
WinRar 1.3 MB rar 166 MB 103 sec 41 MB
  • Simple yet beautiful interface
  • Option to repair corrupted archives
  • Very Easy to use
  • Creating a self extrac
    ting archive is a single process
  • Costs $ 29 + vat
zip 212 MB 34 sec 6 MB
PeaZip 6.6 MB pea 211 MB 107 sec 10 MB
  • Excellent encryption option using keyfiles and passwords
  • Simple Interface and very easy to use
  • Can handle large number or archiving formats
  • Utilizes 7-zip core files for many of file format support
  • Creating a self extracting archive is 2 step process
zip 209 MB 231 sec 36 MB

Final thought on each software

Winzip is perhaps the most famous compression software. Its latest offering in much more than an compression software and that is the problem. The performance as compression software is average at best, high resource consumption and creation of larger zip files tilts the balance against Winzip. Rating 2.5 out of 5

7-zip is is perhaps the most famous free/GPL compression software and rightly so, the highest compression in its native 7z format as compared to any other format is a big positive and even though its interface is simple it is able to do an excellent job. However, a better documentation for some of the technical features will help users to utilize the best of it. Rating 4.5 out of 5

WinRar is second most famous compression software and  it looses to 7-zip by a small margin in compression. However, the fastest compression as compared to other softwares and incredibly low RAM usage and excellent usability makes its a ideal buy for corporate environment and for individuals who can afford it. Rating 5 out of 5

PeaZip has come up as an excellent alternative to 7-zip is GPL/free compression software. It offers the high level of encryption and supports creation of numerous archive format. The interface is simple and easy to use however the compression in its native format can be rated as poor. The software can utilize 7-zip core and compress in 7z format however, the memory optimization for using this core is missing and continuous memory usage in range of 650 – 700 MB was there upon testing multiple times. Some optimization in the code for memory consumption and it can become new king of GPL/free compression software. Rating 3.5 out of 5 .

MY VERDICT: Go for WinRar if you can afford to or 7-zip if you are looking for a free and stable compression software.

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