WordPress Hosted

Update: I have shifted my blog from X10hosting.com to WordPress.com for the reason that x10hosting free servers are now overloaded and runs quite slow.


I have hosted this blog on word press software which the most famous blogging CMS written in php. WordPress very versatile and can be modified from a regular blogging platform to a photo blog or video blog or a e-zines site or even into a complete CMS package.

The hosting TLD domain is provided for free with co.cc. They provide free TLD for most of the domain. A few domains actually premium. These domains include 3 or 4 character domain or common word domains and so on. The only condition they apply is that the free domain should not be used for commercial purposes.

The webhosting is provided for free by X10 hosting. X10 hosting has been in the free and paid hosting business for quite some time and provide fast reliable servers even for free web hosting. Apart from regular restrictions like no warez, pornography, etc. on the free webhosting practically there is no restrictions. The web space, bandwidth and SQL database is practically provided with unmetered supply. The constraint is that no excessive usage of server processor or RAM and need to login in their forum at least every 31days.

Right now I am busy customizing WordPress and will start posting soon.


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