How to Organize Bookmarks ?

Well, anyone who browses internet will usually end up having few to many bookmarks/favourites which they want to read later on again. The bookmarks are simply address of the web link which contains the information of interest. People usually have their own methodology of organizing bookmarks, some try to bookmark the interesting website in their local computer, while other look forward to bookmarking in online bookmarking services like Delicious or Xmarks and some others like to bookmark using  social networking services like Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon. Well now question arises that which method of bookmarking is the best? The answer is none of them is best, only there is a best suited bookmarking system for each individual. Lets try to analyse each of them and see what suits you best.


We will start with bookmark menu/folder in your web browser. The most common cross platform browser Mozilla Firefox offers a very good method to organize your bookmarks. Simple click on the star in the address bar and you can bookmark the webpage. You can also define category and even add tags to your bookmarks. The Bookmark Organizer in the Firefox in available from the Favourites menu. Here you can even move around your bookmarks from one category to another or add and delete bookmarks or even move them to bookmark toolbar which easily accessible without opening bookmark menu. Similar facility is available in other web browser. Well to sum up this method is excellent for bookmarking and instant cataloguing but it will be available in the computer where the bookmark has been saved. You can of course transfer to a html file and carry around and can even import in other Firefox installations but cross browser compatibility is not up  to mark. Also, if you have large number of bookmarks the starting time of browser will also increase.  Well, you can use it if you browse regularly from a single PC and have few bookmarks (typically around 50 or less).

Next moving to online bookmarking service like Delicious and Xmarks, they provide a easy way to integrate the bookmark with your browser via means of a plug-in / addon while maintaining a copy of your bookmarks on internet in your account. In these services, usually provide options to tag with keywords also some of them allow to categorize into subfolders. One big advantage is that you can search for similar type of contents by using the keywords or tags and check the popularity of the particular link. This is perhaps more optimized for people who regularly browse from different computer regularly and don’t want the hassle of bookmarking all the stuff in different computer and then syncing them together.

The third option of bookmarking on social networking site is particularly interesting and you directly share the bookmarks with your friend/family/follower, etc. But usually these bookmarks slowly get buried on the regular content updates of these sites. This type of bookmarking serves best if a group of friends want to share the bookmarks with one another quickly. On the positive side however, if you have a your own site or blog, the sharing of content through social networking site helps you get more traffic.

So, this is a brief overview of the important bookmarking techniques prevalent now. Its up to the reader to decide which method of bookmarking suits him/her best


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