The blog’s introspection

Warning: This blog post is total rambling, please read at your own risk.

Of late, I have been just too busy with too many mundane things and have not posted for months altogether before the last two posts. When I opened this blog in the browser yesterday to check to check my photo entry, it struck in my mind what am I contributing via this blog. Is it any intellectual thoughts or any new creative techniques or any art work or any new news from IT world or a new food recipe or a new technique to do some experiment at home or a new perspective to existing problem or anything which will be credited and I found that I don’t plan to do anything like this. I just wanted to write something because so many other people write. This thought caused a revelation and it come to my mind that every experience, good or bad, which I get in life is always a lesson and I should always remember the crux. So, I write this blog now only for myself. It doesn’t mean that you are unwanted. In fact, you are most welcome to share your thoughts on the same. There are so many things happening in life right now, 3 years back I got married, last year we had a lovely daughter, priorities have changed from me to my daughter, the job is more demanding, my daughter wants attention all the time (not that I am complaining), purchased a car recently and learned to drive it. I am now in my early thirties and slowly but surely the aging has started. Things which may look small but will make a large impact when combined with other things happening with me. Each of these teach something and I need to remember all these goods and bads for my sake. So, I will write.

The other thought which come to me why write here on a new blog, when I had a blog on –, well I have thought about it, I feel that what I express or re-express (as in retweet) should be my intellectual property. As per T&C whatever is posted on blogger website become property of Google. So, I had to move my blog somewhere. After some thought, I decided it is best to host using Open Source Blogging Software WordPress on some free hosting. So I ended up with this blog…

Anyway coming back to the point “Blogs Introspection” – I feel that the blog may be yet another very ordinary member in the huge jungle of blog but this blog is very special to me and I promise myself to add some worthy content to it so which will make this blog worth itself.

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