Good Night

The title is somewhat misleading and its totally my perception and which is

“Good Night” = “Good Sleep”;

more specifically I mean if we have a good sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours then we have a good night.

Lets face it, in this world of rat race and fierce competition, we find that 24 hours per day are insufficient to achieve our goals. We want to achieve many things and in all the things we want to excel and be better than our friends, colleague, neighbour or the stranger sitting on next table in coffee shop. And this is according to me the prime reason which makes our sleep disturbed and which transcends into poor health. There are various other reasons like unusual working hours, illness like insomnia, too much tension, etc. but we need to develop our own mantra to achieve a real good night sleep.

If you remember an age old quote by Benjamin Franklin :

Early to  Bed and Early to Rise
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

was true in past, will be true in future and even more true present. So I think everyone agrees that it is best to get up early and start fresh. Well here are few tips which I have learnt either from personal experience or read elsewhere which I find quite effective in getting good night sleep:

  1. Follow a routine: It is quite difficult in our day to day life but it is best advise and practice to be done. Make a broad routine for the day and try to follow it sincerely, provide sufficient time for sleep, target at least 7 hours of sleep. Try to sleep early and get up before sunrise. The morning cool and fresh air is perhaps the best simulant for the rest of the day. The routine should not only be followed on weekdays but weekends as well.
  2. Sleep in night: Human’s body and mind has been biologically programmed over thousands of years and generations to sleep, rest and rejuvenate in night, trying to follow a different pattern has adverse effect on the biological system which results in multitude of health problems. 
  3. Exercise and Meditate: Perhaps this is the key to achieve balance in our night sleep and in our life in total. Set aside at least half an hour to one hour every day for exercise and play and meditation, exercise helps strain the muscle and brain then directs body to sleep during night to relax and recharge the muscles. Meditation helps in bringing harmony to body, mind and soul.
  4. Shower and hot milk: This is a trick which works for me, a shower in the night and a glass of hot milk surely kicks in my sleeping nerve and i get a good night sleep. This mileage may vary from person to person but there will be something which will work for most of the people. Some people get good sleep while reading a story book, while other may like some light music in the evening to sleep, so this has to be tried and tested for each individual
  5. Get Cosy: This tip is often ignored and never taken seriously. To achieve a good night sleep, it is essential that the bed is comfortable and temperature of the room is suiting well to the body. When the body feels cosy and comfortable, it sleeps well.
  6. Avoid Tea and Coffee : Tea and Coffee gives body artificial simulant which makes the person awake and yet lazy so in effect, the person remains drowsy and inactive.
  7. Get Rid of Idiot Box: This sounds awkward but the television is one of the key culprit in recent times for the unhealthy sleeping habits, with so many options on television, we tend to play less, socialize less (except on Facebook) and sleep less. The countless variety of junk yet addictive programmes, soaps, reality shows, unhourly telecast of live sport events, etc. just disturbs the routine too much to be simply ignored.

By following these tips, it is possible to get a “Good Night” sleep or at least improve the sleeping habits. If these tips don’t help then it is better to get professional help and consult a doctor. Till that time adopt some of the tips and see the improvement in your sleeping habit and overall life.

3 thoughts on “Good Night”

  1. Good points there for a Good Nights sleep… Especially I have read that if we watch TV before sleeping then it robs us of sleep…
    Have a Good Night Shiv:) Especially I have read that if we watch TV before sleeping then it robs us of sleep…
    Have a Good Night Shiv:)


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