Headache woes…

The regular occurring headache is really killing me. Every morning the power cut forces me to get up before the completion of my sleep and this always causes me to have a headache which keeps throbbing through out the day. As the day turns to evening, the ache lessens but the routine repeats again next day. I almost fell like i need a break from my routine and need a rest for few days to recharge myself.

Today is June 21st

Well today is June 21st and its a special for entire earth, not in a literal way though. Well, today is the longest day of the year in northern hemisphere and shortest day in southern hemisphere. also known as summer solstice and winter solstice respectively. It doesn’t have any special significance as 21st December which falls very close to Christmas and also marks the beginning of next sowing season in India. But somehow, I felt that I should write something about this day.

So what is  going to happen today today, nothing special, everything run of the mill will happen but somehow, the idea that today is special in its own way help to lift the morale and enjoy the day, see the events of the day in different light altogether. So, I wish Happy Summer Solstice to all and hope your day goes well.

How to Organize Bookmarks ?

Well, anyone who browses internet will usually end up having few to many bookmarks/favourites which they want to read later on again. The bookmarks are simply address of the web link which contains the information of interest. People usually have their own methodology of organizing bookmarks, some try to bookmark the interesting website in their local computer, while other look forward to bookmarking in online bookmarking services like Delicious or Xmarks and some others like to bookmark using  social networking services like Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon. Well now question arises that which method of bookmarking is the best? The answer is none of them is best, only there is a best suited bookmarking system for each individual. Lets try to analyse each of them and see what suits you best.

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