A musing for lost time

A post after a long time, I have been through some good times, some bad times and some frightening times in last few years. The time has passed and I have a son as well as both my kids are doing great in their own ways.

During the last few years, the world around me have changed as so have I; with more gray and henna painted brown hairs, knee pains, acceptance of success and failure in professional front had made me something different.

True to my zodiac sign Virgo and cursed with keen eye to find fault has been my biggest foe but I have managed to tame my foe / vice to great extent by  constant vigil and self control. I don’t have any guru or spritual guidance nor any therapy for this purpose, perhaps the reduced energy due to age has made me such.

Well the path has not been easy and the near death experience was something which has also contributed to my current condition, in a good way.

Today’s quick post ends with a quote by Sadhguru

When your happiness is dependant upon what is happening outside of you, constantly you live as a slave to the external situation

So, search happiness in oneself and find peace with life problems and have infectious smile

Good Night

The title is somewhat misleading and its totally my perception and which is

“Good Night” = “Good Sleep”;

more specifically I mean if we have a good sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours then we have a good night.

Lets face it, in this world of rat race and fierce competition, we find that 24 hours per day are insufficient to achieve our goals. We want to achieve many things and in all the things we want to excel and be better than our friends, colleague, neighbour or the stranger sitting on next table in coffee shop. And this is according to me the prime reason which makes our sleep disturbed and which transcends into poor health. There are various other reasons like unusual working hours, illness like insomnia, too much tension, etc. but we need to develop our own mantra to achieve a real good night sleep.

If you remember an age old quote by Benjamin Franklin :

Early to  Bed and Early to Rise
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

was true in past, will be true in future and even more true present. So I think everyone agrees that it is best to get up early and start fresh. Well here are few tips which I have learnt either from personal experience or read elsewhere which I find quite effective in getting good night sleep:

  1. Follow a routine: It is quite difficult in our day to day life but it is best advise and practice to be done. Make a broad routine for the day and try to follow it sincerely, provide sufficient time for sleep, target at least 7 hours of sleep. Try to sleep early and get up before sunrise. The morning cool and fresh air is perhaps the best simulant for the rest of the day. The routine should not only be followed on weekdays but weekends as well.
  2. Sleep in night: Human’s body and mind has been biologically programmed over thousands of years and generations to sleep, rest and rejuvenate in night, trying to follow a different pattern has adverse effect on the biological system which results in multitude of health problems. 
  3. Exercise and Meditate: Perhaps this is the key to achieve balance in our night sleep and in our life in total. Set aside at least half an hour to one hour every day for exercise and play and meditation, exercise helps strain the muscle and brain then directs body to sleep during night to relax and recharge the muscles. Meditation helps in bringing harmony to body, mind and soul.
  4. Shower and hot milk: This is a trick which works for me, a shower in the night and a glass of hot milk surely kicks in my sleeping nerve and i get a good night sleep. This mileage may vary from person to person but there will be something which will work for most of the people. Some people get good sleep while reading a story book, while other may like some light music in the evening to sleep, so this has to be tried and tested for each individual
  5. Get Cosy: This tip is often ignored and never taken seriously. To achieve a good night sleep, it is essential that the bed is comfortable and temperature of the room is suiting well to the body. When the body feels cosy and comfortable, it sleeps well.
  6. Avoid Tea and Coffee : Tea and Coffee gives body artificial simulant which makes the person awake and yet lazy so in effect, the person remains drowsy and inactive.
  7. Get Rid of Idiot Box: This sounds awkward but the television is one of the key culprit in recent times for the unhealthy sleeping habits, with so many options on television, we tend to play less, socialize less (except on Facebook) and sleep less. The countless variety of junk yet addictive programmes, soaps, reality shows, unhourly telecast of live sport events, etc. just disturbs the routine too much to be simply ignored.

By following these tips, it is possible to get a “Good Night” sleep or at least improve the sleeping habits. If these tips don’t help then it is better to get professional help and consult a doctor. Till that time adopt some of the tips and see the improvement in your sleeping habit and overall life.

Kudos to WordPress.Com’s Happiness Engineers

I transferred the contents of my old blog over here on wordpress.com and then started editing/creating  the categories, reorganizing the tags and tweaking the themes/ widgets etc. And while doing so, so random error occurred and, I was unable to make any new post. The state was really frustrating that after all the tweaking and customizing, I am being stopped from posting any new blog entry.

I initiated a support request by filling a support request form and only in few hours, the problem is sorted out. Now, this is really fast and efficient considering the fact that, the wordpress.com service is  free  and also is the largest used website / platform for blogging by millions of user. Maintaining such high level of support and promptness really made me feel happy that I have come to the right place. All my kudos and respect to the ‘Happiness Engineers’ of wordpress.com

Today is June 21st

Well today is June 21st and its a special for entire earth, not in a literal way though. Well, today is the longest day of the year in northern hemisphere and shortest day in southern hemisphere. also known as summer solstice and winter solstice respectively. It doesn’t have any special significance as 21st December which falls very close to Christmas and also marks the beginning of next sowing season in India. But somehow, I felt that I should write something about this day.

So what is  going to happen today today, nothing special, everything run of the mill will happen but somehow, the idea that today is special in its own way help to lift the morale and enjoy the day, see the events of the day in different light altogether. So, I wish Happy Summer Solstice to all and hope your day goes well.

What to write : Brain & Mind

The mind is really a miraculous and mysterious entity in itself. Sometimes, its teeming with ideas, thoughts and expression each vying for a spot to express itself in open, other times the mind remains blank and no matter how hard one tries, his/her mind doesn’t co-operate. The ideas and thought are objects of spontaneity and rarely people have capability to generate ideas at slight stress to the mind. It is altogether to grow an small idea by proper nurturing into a well planned and documented thought but the challenge is always to initiate a budding idea.

Ok, coming back to “the mind”. It is really extremely difficult and really simple to understand the mind. The mind can be considered to be the part of the organ called Brain. In effect, brain is a set of millions and billions of  neural network running around cris-crossing each other forming a indecipherable agglomerate which can work on impulse and surrounding stimulus. The human brain is perhaps most accomplished creation known to us in the entire universe. A small organ which not only controls our actions and reflexes and keeps learning and remembering them (like machines) but also expresses love, hate, fear, truth, betrayal, lie, able to feel the embedded expressions in the speech, visual any many other medium, able to appreciate song, music, art, science, philosophy (like humans). But perhaps the most human like thing which it does is to be able comprehend the self-existence. Perhaps these human like qualities makes brain as mind.

Looking back to start of this post, make me able to appreciate the power of mind which has been able to develop a such a small thought into a post (Good or Bad is upto you to decide).

Kochi Road belongs to Auto rickshaw Drivers

The city traffic in any city of India is pathetic at best. Most of the people take pride in breaking the traffic rules and traffic regulations don’t have any meaning. The scenario is way worse in smaller cities and towns. In places where the roads are not good people will simply drive in the wrong side. This always results in huge traffic congestions. Adding to the woes, the cycle drivers will cross the road at will, drive slowly in the middle and wave their cycles from one lane to another. In all this mix, it is mostly the people travelling from Car suffer the most.

Even though, the situation is better in Kochi but the traffic is worsened by the driving habits of the auto rickshaw in the city. They don’t follow any rules, they will simply enter from the wrong direction and will turn anywhere in a busy road without care for traffic or any other vehicle. In a city where rules are bent and broken by the strength of the unions, it is very difficult to contain this type of situation. Usually the traffic police is just a mute spectator and will usually pursue the commoner that these auto drivers are like this and commoner should be more careful.

Recently, an incident with me happened when an auto rickshaw driver just zoomed into the lane from wrong direction where already myself and another car driver were driving parallel in just enough wide road. I don’t know how the auto driver managed to squeeze his auto rickshaw in there and make a hasty escape without any incident but this incident made me sit and write this post just on this issue.

Here in Kochi, the city buses are usually called Red Killer or Red Demon but, I feel that these buses have a predictable way of driving and are less dangerous. The common rule which I follow while driving around the bus is that allow them to overtake if they honk a lot and slow down near a bus stop and be ready for a fast over take followed by a quick stop just in front of you. But the auto rickshaw are real unpredictable little demons of the city.

Preparation for vacations

Only few days left to go home for vacation and things are all in a mess. Lot of pressure is there for packing and our daughter is really trying hard to distract us from packing. The lesson I have learnt is that start planning for contingency at least a month in advance and try to sort out all the pending issues and problems. This will really help in a long way to plan vacation with a kid.