Today is June 21st

Well today is June 21st and its a special for entire earth, not in a literal way though. Well, today is the longest day of the year in northern hemisphere and shortest day in southern hemisphere. also known as summer solstice and winter solstice respectively. It doesn’t have any special significance as 21st December which falls very close to Christmas and also marks the beginning of next sowing season in India. But somehow, I felt that I should write something about this day.

So what is  going to happen today today, nothing special, everything run of the mill will happen but somehow, the idea that today is special in its own way help to lift the morale and enjoy the day, see the events of the day in different light altogether. So, I wish Happy Summer Solstice to all and hope your day goes well.


Is Baba Ramdev another wannabe?

I saw an article in Indiblogger which had pointed out 5 things which bloggers can learn from Baba Ramdev. The characteristics pointed were good but the language used gave a feeling that the author was making mockery of Baba Ramdev. Well, I am no follower of Baba Ramdev but I felt that he has worked great wonders in the country particularly in Northern India by means of popularizing the Yog (not Yoga) and Pranayam back to Indians as an Indian science, tradition and practice. He established Divya Yog Mandir Trust & Patanjali Yog Peeth which taught Yog and provided Auyurvedic Medicine treatment for at a very charitable cost and even free to needy. I will also like to give credit to Aastha TV which served as the medium way back in early 2000s for him to popularize these practices.

Now coming to his recent actions and news coverage by media. One need to understand that the current Ram Leela ground fiasco was not his first protest or demonstration. He has clarified many times that he is not interested to launch a political party or join politics. He also don’t support any political party. Instead like every other Indian he despises the dirty work, scams and corruption filled politics and bureaucracy. Since, he has voice which is listened by millions so he is trying to put it for good work. He has been voicing his opinion and actively working on “Bharat Swabhiman” where he emphasizes on being India (not Bihari or Marahti or so on), use Indian product (boycott foreign luxury products), adopt Yog as a way of life, use Cold Drink as Toilet Cleaner (pun intended) uproot corruption and getting back the Indian black money stashed in the Swiss Bank by our politicians. He also extended his support to Anna Hazare on his protest on Lokpal Bill.

Unfortunately, I find a lot of people commenting that Baba Ramdev is a showman and he wants to gain political mileage out of it. I tend to disagree and really feel sad that instead of people supporting his actions to expose and pressurize government to take some action, we are trying to prove that Baba Ramdev is a pervert and a ‘dhongi’. Unfortunately, we have fallen in the trap laid by politicians and no one else to blame. People like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev can only lead a nationalistic movement for a better and corruption free India and instead trying to prove otherwise lets support these peoples, these modern day leaders for pressurizing the government for a more people pro reforms.

PS: Foreign news media is filled with lots of praise for Baba Ramdev which Indian news media (which has become puppet in hand of corrupt) politicians is questioning him. In all this process, the common man is a loser. The article at Indiblogger is a statement of the fact that we want the things the it is now and don’t want any improvement. “Jaago Re”.


No, no, no … I am not lost, nor I am lost what to write, neither am I lost in some day dream or anything on those lines. What I am talking about is a Television Drama Serial Lost. The serial is considered to be one of the most successful serial in American Television History. The story is about various people who survived a plane crash and get stranded on an mysterious island somewhere in Pacific Ocean. This suspense thriller has really good and catching storyline. It is a blend various ‘masala’ elements of ranging faith, science, humanity, reality, love, hatred, time travel, science-fiction and what not.

Well, the television serial has been transmitted in India on AXN channel. I was among the unfortunate lot who couldn’t not watch the serial on the idiot box. So, I have downloaded few episodes and watching it on my PC. I am no critic of reviewer of art but all I can say is that apart for first couple of episodes which took its time to inject the idea into the mind of the viewer, the episodes which I have watched till now have all kept me spell bound and keep prompting to watch what is happening next.

To justify the title of the post what I can say is : I am lost in ‘LOST’

Feels like heaven

My daughter is very fond of playing with me and and always wants to go out with me when I going to office or for shopping or for that matter for any other thing. When I am at home, I am not permitted to watch TV, work on PC or read any book. Albeit for sleeping she will look for her mother and while in sleep my daughter don’t want to be near me most of the times.
Yesterday afternoon was a wonderful day, when we were playing after having lunch (during office break) and suddenly she kept her head on my hand and quickly slept. The soft but deep sleep on my pillow hand was really great feeling – “Feels like heaven”.

Crazy Time

As my daughter continues to grow and become more aware, she is driving me crazy to my core. She will intentionally do many activities just which irritates me like anything and that too when she is not even 1 and a half year old. I am just wondering what the devil she will be by the time she goes to school. Yesterday evening,she would just stand next to TV whenever I was watching some program. If I switch off the TV she would come back to me laughing. On switching on the TV the same drama again started. I don’t what she was enjoying the constant switching of TV or to see the helplessness and anger on my face, but she was having a sly smile on her face.

Things are getting lot and lot tougher to handle and sometimes, I lose control of my anger but the anger dies out in few seconds. Well, that for me is being a father. Very hard to handle makes life a challenge every moment but a simple smile or a rush by my daughter towards me with open arms just changes all the equations.

Enjoying the fatherhood.

Is Cricket a balm for India?

Well, I am not here to write about IPL (Indian Premier League) history, statistics or any such information which is easily available. Rather, I thought to write some of my thoughts about IPL and recently concluded Cricket World Cup 2011. I felt that this World Cup & IPL – 2011 has been a great showcase of our capability to host a World Class event. The utter failure of India in CWG last year which was filled with more records of scams and corruptions than sports record has been more or less wiped out from the mind of we Indian in particular and world in general and to add ‘icing on the cake’ India won the CWC 2011 in a very healthy way. I wish the petty politicians would have given some respect to the sporting spirit and not made CWG a money laundering event.

The cricket WC victory was really special and its euphoria made us think more in a positive way. One of the effect which I felt was the Lokpal Bill, the fasting of Anna Hazare really culminated into a social movement throughout India and people from all walk of life were united to support him. For the first time in recent history, I have seen Indian politicians giving in to a non-violent demand.

Anyway, the point which I felt that ‘is cricket a balm for India’ looks true to me, Whats your say?

What to write : Brain & Mind

The mind is really a miraculous and mysterious entity in itself. Sometimes, its teeming with ideas, thoughts and expression each vying for a spot to express itself in open, other times the mind remains blank and no matter how hard one tries, his/her mind doesn’t co-operate. The ideas and thought are objects of spontaneity and rarely people have capability to generate ideas at slight stress to the mind. It is altogether to grow an small idea by proper nurturing into a well planned and documented thought but the challenge is always to initiate a budding idea.

Ok, coming back to “the mind”. It is really extremely difficult and really simple to understand the mind. The mind can be considered to be the part of the organ called Brain. In effect, brain is a set of millions and billions of  neural network running around cris-crossing each other forming a indecipherable agglomerate which can work on impulse and surrounding stimulus. The human brain is perhaps most accomplished creation known to us in the entire universe. A small organ which not only controls our actions and reflexes and keeps learning and remembering them (like machines) but also expresses love, hate, fear, truth, betrayal, lie, able to feel the embedded expressions in the speech, visual any many other medium, able to appreciate song, music, art, science, philosophy (like humans). But perhaps the most human like thing which it does is to be able comprehend the self-existence. Perhaps these human like qualities makes brain as mind.

Looking back to start of this post, make me able to appreciate the power of mind which has been able to develop a such a small thought into a post (Good or Bad is upto you to decide).