Kochi Road belongs to Auto rickshaw Drivers

The city traffic in any city of India is pathetic at best. Most of the people take pride in breaking the traffic rules and traffic regulations don’t have any meaning. The scenario is way worse in smaller cities and towns. In places where the roads are not good people will simply drive in the wrong side. This always results in huge traffic congestions. Adding to the woes, the cycle drivers will cross the road at will, drive slowly in the middle and wave their cycles from one lane to another. In all this mix, it is mostly the people travelling from Car suffer the most.

Even though, the situation is better in Kochi but the traffic is worsened by the driving habits of the auto rickshaw in the city. They don’t follow any rules, they will simply enter from the wrong direction and will turn anywhere in a busy road without care for traffic or any other vehicle. In a city where rules are bent and broken by the strength of the unions, it is very difficult to contain this type of situation. Usually the traffic police is just a mute spectator and will usually pursue the commoner that these auto drivers are like this and commoner should be more careful.

Recently, an incident with me happened when an auto rickshaw driver just zoomed into the lane from wrong direction where already myself and another car driver were driving parallel in just enough wide road. I don’t know how the auto driver managed to squeeze his auto rickshaw in there and make a hasty escape without any incident but this incident made me sit and write this post just on this issue.

Here in Kochi, the city buses are usually called Red Killer or Red Demon but, I feel that these buses have a predictable way of driving and are less dangerous. The common rule which I follow while driving around the bus is that allow them to overtake if they honk a lot and slow down near a bus stop and be ready for a fast over take followed by a quick stop just in front of you. But the auto rickshaw are real unpredictable little demons of the city.