Is Baba Ramdev another wannabe?

I saw an article in Indiblogger which had pointed out 5 things which bloggers can learn from Baba Ramdev. The characteristics pointed were good but the language used gave a feeling that the author was making mockery of Baba Ramdev. Well, I am no follower of Baba Ramdev but I felt that he has worked great wonders in the country particularly in Northern India by means of popularizing the Yog (not Yoga) and Pranayam back to Indians as an Indian science, tradition and practice. He established Divya Yog Mandir Trust & Patanjali Yog Peeth which taught Yog and provided Auyurvedic Medicine treatment for at a very charitable cost and even free to needy. I will also like to give credit to Aastha TV which served as the medium way back in early 2000s for him to popularize these practices.

Now coming to his recent actions and news coverage by media. One need to understand that the current Ram Leela ground fiasco was not his first protest or demonstration. He has clarified many times that he is not interested to launch a political party or join politics. He also don’t support any political party. Instead like every other Indian he despises the dirty work, scams and corruption filled politics and bureaucracy. Since, he has voice which is listened by millions so he is trying to put it for good work. He has been voicing his opinion and actively working on “Bharat Swabhiman” where he emphasizes on being India (not Bihari or Marahti or so on), use Indian product (boycott foreign luxury products), adopt Yog as a way of life, use Cold Drink as Toilet Cleaner (pun intended) uproot corruption and getting back the Indian black money stashed in the Swiss Bank by our politicians. He also extended his support to Anna Hazare on his protest on Lokpal Bill.

Unfortunately, I find a lot of people commenting that Baba Ramdev is a showman and he wants to gain political mileage out of it. I tend to disagree and really feel sad that instead of people supporting his actions to expose and pressurize government to take some action, we are trying to prove that Baba Ramdev is a pervert and a ‘dhongi’. Unfortunately, we have fallen in the trap laid by politicians and no one else to blame. People like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev can only lead a nationalistic movement for a better and corruption free India and instead trying to prove otherwise lets support these peoples, these modern day leaders for pressurizing the government for a more people pro reforms.

PS: Foreign news media is filled with lots of praise for Baba Ramdev which Indian news media (which has become puppet in hand of corrupt) politicians is questioning him. In all this process, the common man is a loser. The article at Indiblogger is a statement of the fact that we want the things the it is now and don’t want any improvement. “Jaago Re”.