Is Cricket a balm for India?

Well, I am not here to write about IPL (Indian Premier League) history, statistics or any such information which is easily available. Rather, I thought to write some of my thoughts about IPL and recently concluded Cricket World Cup 2011. I felt that this World Cup & IPL – 2011 has been a great showcase of our capability to host a World Class event. The utter failure of India in CWG last year which was filled with more records of scams and corruptions than sports record has been more or less wiped out from the mind of we Indian in particular and world in general and to add ‘icing on the cake’ India won the CWC 2011 in a very healthy way. I wish the petty politicians would have given some respect to the sporting spirit and not made CWG a money laundering event.

The cricket WC victory was really special and its euphoria made us think more in a positive way. One of the effect which I felt was the Lokpal Bill, the fasting of Anna Hazare really culminated into a social movement throughout India and people from all walk of life were united to support him. For the first time in recent history, I have seen Indian politicians giving in to a non-violent demand.

Anyway, the point which I felt that ‘is cricket a balm for India’ looks true to me, Whats your say?