A musing for lost time

A post after a long time, I have been through some good times, some bad times and some frightening times in last few years. The time has passed and I have a son as well as both my kids are doing great in their own ways.

During the last few years, the world around me have changed as so have I; with more gray and henna painted brown hairs, knee pains, acceptance of success and failure in professional front had made me something different.

True to my zodiac sign Virgo and cursed with keen eye to find fault has been my biggest foe but I have managed to tame my foe / vice to great extent by  constant vigil and self control. I don’t have any guru or spritual guidance nor any therapy for this purpose, perhaps the reduced energy due to age has made me such.

Well the path has not been easy and the near death experience was something which has also contributed to my current condition, in a good way.

Today’s quick post ends with a quote by Sadhguru

When your happiness is dependant upon what is happening outside of you, constantly you live as a slave to the external situation

So, search happiness in oneself and find peace with life problems and have infectious smile

Riding Solo

Today 02nd July 2011 is a very important day in my life. Nothing out of ordinary happened and no none of my family or friend have their birthday, anniversary, etc. today, nor do any other special event happened today around me but the day is still special.

Today, my One & half year daughter travelled with me in the car solo. Yes, many kids starts understanding the things by this age and they also travel solo in car with seatbelts on but again its my blog and my expressions.

The drive of  2 kilometres from nearby bus stand to my home was travelled at a blazing fast speed of 15 – 25 km/hr. in 1st and 2nd gear. Being my daughter so naughty, I had no option of putting her on backseat where her last adventure of solo sitting resulted her in falling with face into the seat and she somehow couldn’t roll back to bring her face upside. The previous experience prompted me to put her front seat and put the safety belt on, from where she wrangled out her way in couple of minutes, with on moving traffic and honking horns I didn’t had option to again make her sit so I just somehow make her stand on the seat and drove back.

It was a real experience for my daughter where she travelled without anyone holding her in lap. The experience of initial crying of being stranded soon become laughter of joy when standing on the seat and peeping out by pressing her face against the window glass. Anyway this experience gave me confidence that my daughter slowly but surely getting ready to become more independent on these small but important things and she is learning the important lessons of her life.

This riding solo experience is one which I really feel that I will cherish for a long time.

Feels like heaven

My daughter is very fond of playing with me and and always wants to go out with me when I going to office or for shopping or for that matter for any other thing. When I am at home, I am not permitted to watch TV, work on PC or read any book. Albeit for sleeping she will look for her mother and while in sleep my daughter don’t want to be near me most of the times.
Yesterday afternoon was a wonderful day, when we were playing after having lunch (during office break) and suddenly she kept her head on my hand and quickly slept. The soft but deep sleep on my pillow hand was really great feeling – “Feels like heaven”.

My daughter now 1

My daughter just turned 1 year few days back and we had a nice small party. But I have been observing lots of change going through her during last few weeks. The small infant which she has been some 6-8 months back has totally changed. She now identifies me and her mother very well. It is almost impossible to take her away from us. Whenever she wants to play or go outside to park or have some activity she will find ways to be with me.

She has developed a wide range of expressions right from happiness to anger to intolerance to fear to laziness and many more. She looks and behaves like much more like a small human than a baby.

Watching the antics and activity of my daughter is some real fun, even though sometimes things become really difficult if I am trying to concentrate to do some job.

Another Acendote

In last few months I have been keenly observing my daughter, my bitta, grow from an baby who was not even able to roll on the bed to a naughty little baby who will pull my hair and poke my nose when I am trying to sleep. Well, she loves to play and wants to go out for a walk any time of the day.  A couple of months back, I taught bitta to climb up and down onto a small box, which she quickly mastered and last few days she has been constantly trying to get down from the bed which may be one foot or so higher then the box. She has been successful many times and many times she has failed and hurt herself but whenever she lands on the ground successfully she is very happy and giggles a lot.

These attempts and their result make me think  that we adult have forgotten a lot of good habits our younger life. We are more calculative in taking any risk, we want to stick to old successful strategies in life, we don’t celebrate the success but rather cry over small failures. May be nature has made the concept of parenting in only intellectual animal (human) so that they can rediscover the smaller and beautiful thing in the life back again.

Preparation for vacations

Only few days left to go home for vacation and things are all in a mess. Lot of pressure is there for packing and our daughter is really trying hard to distract us from packing. The lesson I have learnt is that start planning for contingency at least a month in advance and try to sort out all the pending issues and problems. This will really help in a long way to plan vacation with a kid.