Kudos to WordPress.Com’s Happiness Engineers

I transferred the contents of my old blog over here on wordpress.com and then started editing/creating  the categories, reorganizing the tags and tweaking the themes/ widgets etc. And while doing so, so random error occurred and, I was unable to make any new post. The state was really frustrating that after all the tweaking and customizing, I am being stopped from posting any new blog entry.

I initiated a support request by filling a support request form and only in few hours, the problem is sorted out. Now, this is really fast and efficient considering the fact that, the wordpress.com service is  free  and also is the largest used website / platform for blogging by millions of user. Maintaining such high level of support and promptness really made me feel happy that I have come to the right place. All my kudos and respect to the ‘Happiness Engineers’ of wordpress.com