A musing for lost time

A post after a long time, I have been through some good times, some bad times and some frightening times in last few years. The time has passed and I have a son as well as both my kids are doing great in their own ways.

During the last few years, the world around me have changed as so have I; with more gray and henna painted brown hairs, knee pains, acceptance of success and failure in professional front had made me something different.

True to my zodiac sign Virgo and cursed with keen eye to find fault has been my biggest foe but I have managed to tame my foe / vice to great extent by  constant vigil and self control. I don’t have any guru or spritual guidance nor any therapy for this purpose, perhaps the reduced energy due to age has made me such.

Well the path has not been easy and the near death experience was something which has also contributed to my current condition, in a good way.

Today’s quick post ends with a quote by Sadhguru

When your happiness is dependant upon what is happening outside of you, constantly you live as a slave to the external situation

So, search happiness in oneself and find peace with life problems and have infectious smile