What to write : Brain & Mind

The mind is really a miraculous and mysterious entity in itself. Sometimes, its teeming with ideas, thoughts and expression each vying for a spot to express itself in open, other times the mind remains blank and no matter how hard one tries, his/her mind doesn’t co-operate. The ideas and thought are objects of spontaneity and rarely people have capability to generate ideas at slight stress to the mind. It is altogether to grow an small idea by proper nurturing into a well planned and documented thought but the challenge is always to initiate a budding idea.

Ok, coming back to “the mind”. It is really extremely difficult and really simple to understand the mind. The mind can be considered to be the part of the organ called Brain. In effect, brain is a set of millions and billions of  neural network running around cris-crossing each other forming a indecipherable agglomerate which can work on impulse and surrounding stimulus. The human brain is perhaps most accomplished creation known to us in the entire universe. A small organ which not only controls our actions and reflexes and keeps learning and remembering them (like machines) but also expresses love, hate, fear, truth, betrayal, lie, able to feel the embedded expressions in the speech, visual any many other medium, able to appreciate song, music, art, science, philosophy (like humans). But perhaps the most human like thing which it does is to be able comprehend the self-existence. Perhaps these human like qualities makes brain as mind.

Looking back to start of this post, make me able to appreciate the power of mind which has been able to develop a such a small thought into a post (Good or Bad is upto you to decide).