No, no, no … I am not lost, nor I am lost what to write, neither am I lost in some day dream or anything on those lines. What I am talking about is a Television Drama Serial Lost. The serial is considered to be one of the most successful serial in American Television History. The story is about various people who survived a plane crash and get stranded on an mysterious island somewhere in Pacific Ocean. This suspense thriller has really good and catching storyline. It is a blend various ‘masala’ elements of ranging faith, science, humanity, reality, love, hatred, time travel, science-fiction and what not.

Well, the television serial has been transmitted in India on AXN channel. I was among the unfortunate lot who couldn’t not watch the serial on the idiot box. So, I have downloaded few episodes and watching it on my PC. I am no critic of reviewer of art but all I can say is that apart for first couple of episodes which took its time to inject the idea into the mind of the viewer, the episodes which I have watched till now have all kept me spell bound and keep prompting to watch what is happening next.

To justify the title of the post what I can say is : I am lost in ‘LOST’